Patisserie Menu

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Lady Anne

An aromatic lemon cake with whole Raspberries folded through, and covered with a delicate Italian meringue.

Small: $75.90
Large: $85.90

The Edward

A smooth vanilla baked Cheesecake inside a crunchy biscuit base, with a fresh chantilly cream and fresh fruits.                                       


The Genevieve

A velvet chocolate mousse, layered with chocolate sponge that's lightly soaked in a rum syrup, covered with a luscious chocolate gnache and adorned with chocolate flowers.           
Small: $76.90
Large: $88.90

Maire Antoinette GF

Belgian chocolate torte, a nutty chocolate cake dense, but fabulously chocolaty, covered in a chocolate gnache, chocolate curls and dusted lightly with valrhona cocoa.

Small: $76.90
Large: $88.90

Russian Princess GF

5 layers of a delicious caramelised honey almond torte, layered with a creamy mousse. Topped with a honey glaze and white chocolate hives                                                           


Princess Pavlova GF

A decadent trio of meringues layered with fresh cream and seasonal fruit

Small: $76.90

Large: $88.90

The Chandelier

A Decadent Chocolate Mud cake, layered with a rich chocolate truffle cream.

Small: $76.90
Large: $88.90