Mud Cake

Deliciously rich, moist, chocolate mud cake with a hint of sherry and layered with a dark chocolate truffle cream.

White Chocolate Mud cake

A soft, moist and somewhat lighter than the dark chocolate mud cake, layered with a creamy white chocolate truffle.

Caramel mud cake

A delicate balance of bitter caramel fused in a moist, light mud cake, layered with a creamy white chocolate truffle.

Lady Anne

An aromatic lemon cake with whole raspberries folded through. It is layered with a vanilla buttercream, creating a delicate fragrant cake.

Coconut torte

A rich coconut cake light in texture, with surplus of shredded coconut folded through the buttery moist cake infused with coconut cream. lovely with a vanilla buttercream.

Vanilla Butter cake

A creamy, light butter cake  with a vanilla bean, and a very subtle splash of grand marnier. Layered with a creamy vanilla buttercream.

Sacher Torte

A light chocolate cake, not quite as light a sponge, not as heavy as a mud cake. A light chocolate chocolate cake, layered with a dark chocolate truffle cream.  

Cappuccino Torte                                Espresso coffee cake with walnuts and layered with a creamy vanilla buttercream. A light cake but deliciously flavoured

Cherry Chocolate cake

A delectable almond flourless chocolate torte, with whole cherries folded through. Layered with a smooth chocolate truffle cream GF *

Banoffee Banana cake

A full flavoured banana cake, using beautiful fresh bananas, light and moist in texture. Layered with a delicate  vanilla buttercream and caramel truffle.

Spiced Orange cake

A tangy orange cake, using the zest and juice of the orange with a splash of cinnamon and cardamom. Soaked in a delicate orange blossom syrup and layered with a a delicate buttercream.

Almond, Hazelnut and Chocolate torte

A nutty, chocolate dense but fabulously chocolate cake, a gluten free option, but also very delicious. Layered with a dark chocolate truffle cream. GF*

Red Velvet

A light Chocolate cake that is red, layered with a delicate cream cheese buttercream

Pear and Cinnamon 

A delicate cinnamon butter cake with poached pears folded through and layered with a vanilla buttercream

Fruit cake

A rich moist full flavoured fruit cake soaked with a rum syrup.

Gluten Free cakes do incur a surcharge due to the high price of ingredients.            *please note we do use gluten products in the kitchen and these may contain traces of gluten, please refer to our terms and conditions.


At the Sugar Princess we are very flexible with flavours if there is something you have in mind we are open to choices. Know that if you want a white chocolate mud cake with raspberries folded through, or a mango and coconut cake, please feel free to approach us.